Beyond the Jordon

  • Duration: 4 days

Extend your Israel tour to experience the land beyond the Jordon. We will visit the ancient city of Jerash, one of the 10 cities of the Decapolis of Scripture, and quite possibly a city that Jesus walked through. We also visit Mt Nebo from where Moses viewed the Promised Land before he died, the Red Sea, and also the ancient city of Petra, carved out of rock and one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world.

Day 11
Jerash & Mt Nebo

Today we cross the border from Israel into Jordon. After saying goodbye at Amman airport to our friends returning to Papua New Guinea, we visit Jerash, an ancient Greco-Roman city. We then head to Petra stopping at Mt Nebo on the way, where Moses looked over to the Promised Land and was buried. Overnight – Petra.

Day 12
Petra & the Wadi Rum

Today is another unforgettable highlight – we visit Petra, the city carved out of rock. This afternoon we head to the Wadi Rum, a unique landscape unlike any you have seen before. Overnight – Aqaba (Jordon) or Eilat (Israel).

Day 13
Mt Sinai, Egypt

We arrive at Mt Sinai early in the morning, ready for our walk up the mountain. After our walk up Mt Sinai we will view a spectacular sunrise and spend some time in worship together. After worship we will head down the mountain to Saint Catherine’s Monastery, before heading back to Eilat, Israel. Sunset tonight we will open Sabbath on the shores of the Red Sea. Overnight: Eilat.

Day 14
Red Sea, Eilat, Israel

Today we have a restful Sabbath at our motel. After our morning worship service we will have time to walk around the shores of the Red Sea in the afternoon, reflecting on God’s grace in rescuing the Israelites from the Egyptians and helping them escape through a pathway in this sea into the land that is now Jordon . Tonight is our last night in Israel. Overnight: Eilat, Israel.

Day 15
Tel Aviv

This morning we board our bus for Tel Aviv. On the way we will pass through the town of Beersheba in the southern part of Israel. This is the region where Abraham and Isaac lived. Saying goodbye to Israel we leave Tel Aviv airport on our flight to Izmir, Turkey, where more adventures await us. There will also be an option for those who wish to return to PNG at this point.